Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Chicks in Room 6

                                   Chicks in Room 6

Last Tuesday, Jo from Living Eggs came to our school in Panmure to bring "Living Eggs" to our class in Room 6. She brought eleven eggs. "They are on Day 19 of hatching" she said. Then she left. She left the food, food bowl, water container, brooder box, wood shavings and the incubator.  
The eggs have to keep warm at 37.7 degrees and not get bumped.

During our 2 weeks, we got to hold the chicks often, and I got to change their little home, the brooder. I changed the bedding, food and water. It took quite a long time but they need to keep dry and have food once in the morning and again in the evening.

I took all eleven of them home for the weekend. It was fun watching them and having special time holding them. On the last day, on Thursday, I changed the brooder, and then during the morning Jo came with Mrs Thompson to take the chicks back to the farm. It was sad. Zach and I cried. But I said Goodbye and continued with  my work. I will miss them, and maybe they will miss me, but I think they are happy with their mum:).

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