Wednesday, 21 February 2018

On Saturday

On Saturday my family and I went to my auntie Niva's place.  When we got there we played video games.  We played Batman, Justice Leagues, Fortnight and Gta.  Batman is my favourite game because it has got jets and upgrades.

Next we ate lunch.  We ate pork, chicken, potato salad and taro.  Taro is my favourite food because it tastes good and it will make me strong and healthy.

After that we watched the movie called The Lorax.  We only watched half of the movie.  Later we went home.  I had a glorious time at my auntie's house.


  1. What a great recount, Daniel!! You have written a very interesting week end. It is good to know your favourite game and food. We hope you will get to eat more and play more of your favourite food and game very soon.

    Mum & Dad

  2. What a very good story Daniel. keep up the good work