Sunday, 26 January 2020

My Road Trip: - Daniel Ripata

                                                                   My Road Trip
                                                                        By Daniel Ripata

                                                               Chapter 1: Drive Time!
Last Week My Family and I Went on a Road Trip to New Plymouth. First we Woke Up Early. Then we Brushed Our Teeth And Changed Into Our Clothes And Then We Packed Our Clothes and Everything Else That We Needed. We Were On the Ute On Our Way to New Plymouth.
We have visited some other Places out Of Auckland.

                                                      Chapter 2: Visiting Small Towns
We Visited Other Small Towns and Places on our way to New Plymouth. I will Name Some - Te Kuiti, Waitomo, Three Sisters and a few that I forgot their names. The First Town (Or City) We Stopped at Was The McDonalds in Hamilton. It was a Five - Hour Drive to New Plymouth so we need to have breakfast. After breakfast, we continued with our drive. Finally, "We Arrived At Your Destination" Said The GPS Map. "Get Out Of The Car"Dad said, Then We All Got
out of the Car Except Dad and My Little Sister 'Marii'. Mum, my Brother and I got out of the Car
And Went To the Camp Site office. They let us Sleep in a Cabin for  the first night and then the second night we Put up Our Tent and sleep on the grass. After setting up on the first evening, We Went to the Pukekura Lights Festival. It was an amazing experience because we don't have that in Auckland.


                                                  Chapter 3: Next Morning
I Woke up this Wet, Sunny Morning Outside the Cabin and We had Toast. Then We Made some Friends At this PlayGround Called the Jumping Pillow. Then I Helped My Family Put up the Tent.
Then We went somewhere to Get Food. Then We had Lunch and Then Mum and Dad Told
us that We can Swim at the Beach. This Kind Old Man let Me Use his Paddleboard. It was just like
Surfing but on your Belly. After that Mum Told us We have to  go Home to get Dinner. In Fact Dinner Was Fish and Chips. That was Delicous.

                                                     Chapter 4: 'Goodbye'
Next Morning I was Prepared to Leave the Campsite. So, We Packed Everything up. Even our Tent.
Then it was time to go Home. Another 5 - Hour Drive Through All the Other Small Towns. Our First Stop was Eltham And We saw the Rokotare Lake. Then We came To Hawera. We Saw The Water Tower. We Came through Inglewood and I saw the Toy Museum. Then We Came to Opunake and Saw the Beach. After That We Drove to Patea and Saw Turi's Canoe. We Went through Stratford and saw King Edward's Park. We then stopped at Whanganui. We saw the Whanganui river, it was calm and beautiful. We stopped to play at the Kowhai Park and have a rest because we will then drive for another 3 hours. Then We Went to Ohakune and We saw The Big Carrot. And We saw The Old Train
Bridge. We saw Mt. Ruapehu. Then We Came to Waiouru and We saw The Army Museum. Then We Went to Taumaranui and saw A Moa.   Then When We Came Back to Home In Auckland. I Kissed Everything That I Had. I Had The Best Road Trip Ever.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Wk 4: Day 5 - Concluding the Journey

Hi everyone,

It was a pleasure to be in this Summer Learning Journey this year. My favourite activity that I enjoyed doing the most was the En Pointe (Week 4). I like this activity because I like the quote that I chose. It helps me to remember that I can do any big jobs by breaking it into small jobs.

I don't have any activity that I don't like. I like all the activities.

I have learned through this Summer Learning Journey that I can do lots of things on the computer.  And I also learned about lots of famous people and what they did to be famous. I like history and I think I am good at it.

For the future of this SLJ, I think nothing should be changed. I like the way it is designed.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this SLJ. I really like working and reading people's comments on my blog.

Daniel. R

Wk 4: Day 5 - Dancing Queens (En Pointe)

Image Attribution: My father

I chose this quote because it means that when you're finding it hard to work on something hard, you can break it down into small jobs and finish it quickly. 

Just like building my sister's playhouse by dad, August, and I. My brother and I helped paint the house at the end. Dad built most of the house working in small jobs one at a time.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Wk 4 Day 5: Dancing Queens (The World of Hip - Hop)

In the Dancing of the Royal Family, I liked everything that they did in the Dance. They were all had

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Wk 4 Day 4: Arty Designers (Top Secret Street Art)

One difference
from these two
 Paintings is that
one is the artist
Nick savva used
paint and Vrod used spray. But
the Similarities are that they are Artists                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vrod
Nike Savvas

Wk 4 Day 4: Art Designers (Try your own Tapa)

                                                  Image Attribution: By Daniel Ripata
This Tapa shows a Face of Someone. The Dark magenta Cloud shows his
Beard. The Red Rectangle shows his Nose. The Black Rectangle shows
his outh with White Teeth. The Green Spots Are Eyes and the BIG, Black
Square is his Hair. 

Wk 4 Day 4: Arty Designers (Fashion Forward)

                 Image Attribution: by Daniel Ripata In Storyboard.

            I like the Name Twenty - Seven Names because they were the Names of Twenty seven Volunteers. I would think that Fashion is the best Type of  Designing.