Wednesday, 21 February 2018

On Saturday

On Saturday my family and I went to my auntie Niva's place.  When we got there we played video games.  We played Batman, Justice Leagues, Fortnight and Gta.  Batman is my favourite game because it has got jets and upgrades.

Next we ate lunch.  We ate pork, chicken, potato salad and taro.  Taro is my favourite food because it tastes good and it will make me strong and healthy.

After that we watched the movie called The Lorax.  We only watched half of the movie.  Later we went home.  I had a glorious time at my auntie's house.

During Lent

During Lent I am going to have kind hands.  I have a job to do and my job is to look after the Room 2 children because they are younger than me.  I will say polite things and help them.  I am also going to help August and my Mum to tidy my room.  They will be very happy.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Why Is Cutting Down Trees Bad?

Learning Intention: I am learning to write a persuasive text using information to persuade readers my point of view is right.

I believe cutting down trees is so bad because we will have no oxygen to breathe. People destroy the animals and birds' home.They will become extinct. Some of the birds will migrate to another country.The cave men will not have food and shelter. Also cutting down trees causes erosion. The soil will get washed away. We will get sunburn because we will have no shade. 
I believe that cutting down trees should not be allowed. 
                                                       By Daniel 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Our Autumn Tree

The Autumn Tree looks beautiful and colourful. The Twirling Twirling Twirling leaves are falling from the autumn tree. The red and gold and yellow and brown leaves are gliding, fluttering and floating softly to the ground. The autumn tree is slowly losing its pretty leaves. Soon the branches will be bare. There will be nothing left for them to wear.
                                              By Daniel

Monday, 10 April 2017

A Good Neighbour

On day a man was going on a trip. Suddenly robbers behind the rocks hit him. They took all the things he had with him. Then there was a man who worked in God's temple saw the hurt man. But he didn't help him. There was another man but he didn't help him too. There was a man from another country who saw the hurt man. He helped the hurt man.  Jesus said you can be a neighbour to anyone who needs your help.
The lesson I learn from the story is I can be a neighbour to anyone who needs my help.

                                             By Daniel

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Trip To Rotorua

My family and I went to Rotorua last week. We went to Matia Maori village and the Skyline. I saw water and a boat full of Maori people. The people did the haka. The looked like warriors.
                                                By Daniel

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Trip To Action World

I went to Action World with my family. I went to the monkey bar. I swung on the monkey bar. It felt good on the swing. Then I went to the pool. I swam in the pool. The water was warm.

                                                 By Daniel