Friday, 10 January 2020

Wk 4: Day 5 - Concluding the Journey

Hi everyone,

It was a pleasure to be in this Summer Learning Journey this year. My favourite activity that I enjoyed doing the most was the En Pointe (Week 4). I like this activity because I like the quote that I chose. It helps me to remember that I can do any big jobs by breaking it into small jobs.

I don't have any activity that I don't like. I like all the activities.

I have learned through this Summer Learning Journey that I can do lots of things on the computer.  And I also learned about lots of famous people and what they did to be famous. I like history and I think I am good at it.

For the future of this SLJ, I think nothing should be changed. I like the way it is designed.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this SLJ. I really like working and reading people's comments on my blog.

Daniel. R


  1. Well done on posting, continuing to participate and completing the SLJ this year. What could you do to be a climate changemaker Daniel? Keep re-checking your blogging, commenting on others and replying to ALL comments left on you blog posts to increase your chance of winning one of the awesome prizes and to keep up your learning over the school break! Come and say "Hi" when you see me at SPS this year...

    1. Hi Mrs Collins, Thank you for your Comment
      on my Blog Post
      Thank you
      Daniel Ripata

  2. Hi Daniel,
    My name is Anna and I go to Christ the King school. Congratulations on finishing the Summer Learning Journey. You must have worked really hard to complete the program. Great job. You can check out my blog by searching up :


    1. Hi Anna, Thank you for Commenting
      On my Blog Post. I have Worked really, really Hard.
      Thank you

  3. Great job brother. Keep up the great work.

  4. Kia ora Daniel,

    You did it! You completed all the activities. Ka pai! :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed working through the Summer Learning Journey. The activities are so much fun. I really enjoyed reading through your blog posts, and I still have more to read through which I'm looking forward to!

    Please keep rechecking your blogs - people will be leaving you comments and I'm sure they'd love to hear back from you. Also, commenting on others who have left questions or comments on your SLJ to increase your chance of winning one of the awesome prizes and to keep up your learning over the school break!

    Nga mihi